The Chest Types of Exercise

When gearing up for a chest day we know all males seem to take this day seriously.  But have a strong chest as a female is imperative to well proportioned and strong build.   If you a female and you find yourself skipping chest day,  you could be cheating your self out of the body you’ve been longing for.   Below is a full chest workout that I recommend everyone incorporates into your weekly routine to prevent muscle imbalances and promote a stronger overall physique.



Heavy incline 4×10

Isolateral decline dumbbell. 4×10

Superset with

Plate squeeze 4×10


Seated cable single arm flys 4×10

Superset with

Decline fly 4×10


Dumbbell flat bench negatives 4×10

Superset with

Negative flys


Finish with Abs for 5-10 mins


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