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by Rachel Blanc on Blank Product Name
Sept Sweat Challenge

wow, where to even begin?This was my first 30 day challenge and I Absolutely loved every day of it! Though consistent and encouragement, Chase retrained my attitude, while I retrained my body. Although I am already-established fitness encourager, (is that a word?) I remember how much I love to be healthy and how much I enjoyed working out. Every morning, I looked forward to his emails. He goes through workouts along with additional and detailed lifestyle factors. Chase always was willing to take care of his peeps by answering questions and being effcient, What a guy!

by Shannan on Blank Product Name

The Leftside Lion fitness challenge was exactly what I needed to get back into a fitness routine! The workouts were challenging but the emails provided just enough motivation to keep me on track. This is the first 30 day challenge I have ever completed. I'm looking forward to more fun workouts and additional nutrition information in November!

by Olivia O'Connell on Blank Product Name
Sweat Everyday

I learned so much in such a short amount of time and Chase deserves all the credit for that! Inspiration, positivity and not doing it alone was the best motivator. Chase was always there if you have questions too!! I was not expecting what was given at all, so I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you again, Chase!

by Rosanne Jorgensen on Blank Product Name
Sept sweat every day

Loved it! It was motivating to have the accountability. I was able to push myself daily and gain strength and confidence in my abilities. I loved having the daily email to look forward to and read the inspiration at the beginning, the health information, and having the workout right in front of me. Knowing it was coming from Chase, just made it all the better.
Chase was professional, encouraging, and sweet. He replied to emails and posts. I admire him and the genuine guy that he is.
All the challengers were inspiring to watch. And the winners deserved to win. Everyone was a winner for completing the challenge and for their own personal growth!
Great new ideas for the next challenge in November! Give it a try!

by Miriam on Blank Product Name

This challenge has been life changing! Not only did I get great health tips, inspiration to better myself and make a difference in other people's life, but I got great workout plans that I can continue to use every day whether I'm at home, the park or at the gym! I would recommend this for each and every person out there! It is for every person! From beginners to advanced fitness levels, everybody will benefit ! Thank You Chase!!đź’ś

by Heather Trotter on Blank Product Name
Found my healing through left side lion.

I had my fair share of doubts before I even signed up for this challenge. I had several people try and convince me of reasons why I shouldn’t do this challenge. Let me just tell you that I am SO GLAD I chose to ignore all those people and take that leap of faith into MY journey. 30 days later I am stronger not only physically but mentally as well. This challenge will give you the motivation you want and need! The daily emails from Chase himself were well beyond my expectations, as were the workouts! Everyday it was something new and exciting. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and sweat! If you’re on the fence about wanting to do this challenge, we’ll hop on off cause you need to join us in November! If you’ve been wanting something that’ll change your body, your mind, and your life..well guys this is it! Go sign up, I promise you won’t regret it! I’ll be back in November! So hope to see you there!(;

by Sarah Plocher on Blank Product Name
September Sweat Every Day Challenge

Chase did a fantastic job of mixing up the workouts and keeping me motivated every day! He has such a positive energy that you can actually hear him talking to you through his daily emails. He went above and beyond the workouts providing additional information for every day health benefits including nutrition, sleep, hydration, supplements, etc... I am definitely signing up for his next challenge!

by Victoria A. on Blank Product Name
Thank you, Left Side Lion

Absolutely loveee the positive workout challenges Left Side Lion fitness creates! Get ready to sweat every day, educate yourself on ways to properly care for your body, and change your lifestyle for the better.
If you have not done one of these challenges yet, I definitely recommend taking that first step and doing it!!!

by Eileen on Blank Product Name
MORE than a fitness challenge!

I honestly did not think I would stick with this 30 day challenge (unfortunately, I'm big on giving up halfway through) BUT with Chase's daily motivation, tips & tricks I didn't ever want the challenge to end! I feel so inspired to keep up with my workouts & I already can't wait for the next challenge. I find myself in a better mood and ready to take on anything... literally anything! Chase was so hands on & showed he actually cared about everyone of us during the challenge. I had mentioned problems I was having at work to him & he actually cared enough to follow up later on in the month. This is not just a fitness challenge, the sweat everyday challenge is here to help motivate you in your everyday life, and that's why I loved it so much!

by Gabriela Fittipaldi on Blank Product Name
Sculpting a Lifestyle

Left Side Lion is the first challenge I have ever done and has given me so much more than I expected to get out of it. The daily emails written by Chase were always so motivating and encouraging. You never felt like you had to already be at a certain point health wise to be on this challenge. Anyone and everyone is welcome! The daily workouts were continuously changing, pumped up your heart and gives you a workout that you use 100% of your body weight for. There is no question about me returning for Novembers challenge! Super excited! Great job at creating this amazing program Chase!