Leg Day!

Don’t Even think about diving into this workout unless you are mentally prepared and well nourished.   At Left Side Lion,  We take leg day seriously.  For many reasons.  First, your legs are the biggest muscles in your entire body.  For that reason, they have the biggest effect on your entire body.  Do you want to see real lasting change?  start to focus on your legs!   let’s get to work!


Warm up!

It is imperative for you to spend some time warming up your legs.  Diving right into a workout with can put stress on cold ligaments, tendons and muscles causing serious damage.  Unfortunately for humans, we are not built like lions.  Due to this, we have to give out muscles a chance and this means,  getting them prepared for the workout!   

It is my belief that DYNAMIC warm-ups are the most effective and safest.  Static stretching or long holds of stretching tends to lengthen the muscle to a weaker state.  If you visualize your muscles being similar to a rubber band.  when you stretch a rubber band beyond its elasticity before its warm it will become frail if not break.  For this reason, I recommend a light jog for 5-10 mins getting the blood flowing.  Then proceed to do some Dynamic movements.  (Dynamic Stretching post) 



4×10 Squats 

  • Starting Light you will increase the weight by at least 40% each set. 

4×10 Straight Leg Deadlift

  • Starting Light you will increase the weight by at least 40% each set

5×10 Leg Press 

  • Feet high and wide 

4×10 Standing Leg Curl 

  • I like to use the leg extension machine.  Stand to face the backrest and use one leg to curl weigh bracing your thigh on the front of the seat. 

4×10 Walking Lunges 

  • Use a considerable amount of weight. Be sure to watch your form.  Keeping your chest up don’t let your knee track beyond your toes

4×10 Single leg deadlift 

  • Use the cables or a dumbell. With the weight in the opposite hand reaching down for your toe and out, you should feel your Glute and Hamstring working to pull you back upright. 

 FINISH WITH 15-20 Mins on the Stairmaster! 


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