HIIT Cardio

HIIT Cardio





Just like the name reads,  any time you are doing HIIT you must keep the intensity high and the intervals effective.  There is a ton of variations of this.  I encourage you to be creative and use whatever you have at the gym to get your heart rate high for a short period then rest for another period.  There are many methods to this madness, however below you will find my favorites.


Treadmill,  Stair Climber, Jacobs Ladder, Bike

10 secs working x 20 secs resting x Failure

  • Here you will be using any piece of cardio equipment that you prefer.   I recommend one that incorporates the full body movement such as the bike with handles, Jacobs Ladder vertical climber.

30 for 30 for time

  • This is simple.  30 secs working, 30 secs resting.  Set a time.   I usually go for 10 minutes.
  • battle ropes, treadmill, Stairmaster are good for this kind of work

NHL shift

  • 2 minutes.  the average shift for NHL players.  If you want to be in the same shape as professional athletes, you have to train like them.  I grew up playing hockey so I love working like hell for 2 mins then resting for 5.   Pick your poison!






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