Dynamic Stretching


Nope, but have you have seen a lion complain about a herniated disc or a sore knee.

Unfortunately for us, as humans, we can’t just jump right into physical activity without putting our body at risk or injury.  However,  FORTUNATELY  for us, we are also able to study our own bodies better than any other species and can take the necessary step to preventing injury.  One of those steps is DYNAMIC STRETCHING!

Dynamic Stretching should be done before partaking in any sort of extreme physical activity. I said EXTREME so this should be done before working out.  this is not your workout.  It should only take about 5-10 minutes and will save you years later.

Step 1

5 minutes light aerobic movements

  • This means a light jog, jumping jacks,  Stairmaster etc.
  • this is done to get the blood flow to your extremities and “WARM UP” the muscles and tendons

Step 2 (optional)

Spend 2-4 Minutes on a foam roller.  

  • A foam roller can help loosen tight muscles if used properly allowing them to function properly ultimately making them stronger

Step 3 

Dynamic Stretches select any 4-5 for the function of movement for workout

  • 4×10 Walking toe touches 
  • 4×10 Walking quad stretch high hand reach 
  • 4×10 Spiderman crawl thoracic rotation 
    • Start in a downward dog position. step into a deep lunge placing your foot out the outside of your hand.  Hold for a moment then reach opposit hand for the ceiling behind you.  walk hands forward, repeat on the other side. 
  • 4.10 scorpions 
  • 4×10 Fire Hydrants (each side) 
  • 4×10 deep lunge to front toe touch.

These are just a few of my favorites.  Remember that you know what feels good and what may hurt to your body better than anyone else.  Experiment with movements.  Its all about MOBILITY.  The more MOBILE you are the strong and less susceptive you may be to injury. 




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