Chase Brody McNary


Chase Brody McNary is a new age thinking entrepreneur and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).  After graduating from Colorado State University, he moved directly into a career selling power tools.  two promotions and three years later, he was recruited to selling spinal implants as a medical device sales representative.  It was here that Chase really found his passion for helping people better their lives.  In a job with rigorous hours in the operating room,  his only escape from the stresses of work was at the gym helping his friends and colleagues stay in the best shape possible.

In 2016 Chase was cast for the 12th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette where he finished 2nd runner-up.  He found himself with an amazing new platform to pursue a career in an industry that he was ultimately passionate about. Health and Fitness and helping others! Born and raised in Highlands Ranch, CO.  Chase now resides in Scottsdale, AZ.  He is a Co-Founder at LeisureLetics, a women’s athletic apparel brand devoted to inspiring young women. Before living in Arizona, Chase established a fitness modeling career in Los Angeles where he landed his first cover on Modern Fitness Magazine and signed with Wilhelmina Modeling agency.

Left Side Lion is Chase’s primary focus.  The brand was inspired by the tattoo on his left side.  A tattoo that will always remind him to be BOLD AS A LION,  and to bring strength, positivity, and wellness to everyone he can. His tattoo will forever be symbolic of the lion inside that is so much greater than the human on the outside.  Left Side Lion is dedicated to improving, motivating and inspiring the lives of others.

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“Don’t Stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done!”

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